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Steam Sauna
This function quickly produces high temperature steam helping you to incease blood circulation. It keeps your whole body relaxed, eliminates fatigue and resumes physical strength. It has a curative effect on rheumatism, rheumatic arthritis, back pain, asthma, bronchitis, neurasthenic and is an effective way to reduce weight. Operation of the temperature control is simple using the computerized LCD keypads.

Acupuncture Massage
Strategically positioned spray nozzles pinpoint and tenderize, channels and subsidiary channels, along the sha[e of your body. Your whole body can take a hydraulic massage. It can help increase your body circulation, invigorate your body cells, prevent chronic disease, and simply rejuvinate your senses. Two seats and a total 10 jets alow you and one other to have a massage like never before.

Whirlpool Bath
Two seat whirlpool bath features 2 pillow cushions, and a total of 10 jets that are ergonomically located for a powerful and comfortable acupuncture hydro massage. Whirlpool jet intensity can be adjusted to your desired level of comfort.

Foot Massage
The removable foot massage function puts magnetic force, mechanical force, and hydropressure together, resulting in an efficient podiatric massage. Ease away your pain and enjoy!

Ozone Sterilization System
Bacteria is very common within very humid conditions. This special function of ozone sterilization will make the room easily cleanable with the press of a button. Self cleaning function kills bacteria and viruses, allowing the next use to be germ free.


Other Product Features

Waterfall Faucet- Waterfall faucet is located in the center of the bathtub. Waterfall action creates a look and sound that add to this majestic experience.

Blue Fluorescent Lighting- adds romance and modern style.

Rainfall Ceiling Shower- Oversized shower head surrounded with decorative lighting gives you an exceptional rainfall shower experience.

Two Handheld Adjustable Showerheads
-Allows two people to take a shower at the same time.

Computerized LCD Control -Displays and controls power on/off, lamp, steam, whirlpool, ozone disinfection, fan, telephone, radio , CD, and emergency button status of the unit.

High Quality Speaker System- Surround sound speaker system is integrated with Telephone, Radio, and CD. Excellent quality speakers produce ambient sound.

Thermostatic Faucet -Displays accurate water temperature for even greater control.

Hands Free Telephone -Features a built in microphone and keypad located on computer control panel. Audio can be heard through the center speaker. Answer the phone with the push of a button with the remote control. Music immediately stops and the speaker becomes your earphone.

Ventilation Fan -Keeps heat and air density at a level you desire.

Emergency Alarm -With one push of a button, a loud alarm will sound for help.

Built-In Seating -Contains 2 pillow cushioned built-in seats allowing you to stretch out and have your head at rest.

Tempered Glass -No less than 5-8 mm for safety.

Fog Free Mirror- Helps with shaving and other hygenical tasks.


TEKON Glass Maintenance Products

Test Results

A. Smith-Emery Company: The TekonUS Beta product was tested by the Curtain Wall Laboratory of Smith-Emery Company, a full service independent test laboratory with offices in Los Angeles , San Francisco and Anaheim , to several test standards, including ASTM, as follows:

1. Surface Protection Characteristics : Aluminum and titanium sheet materials were coated with three applications of the Beta product and allowed to set for 12 hours. The sheet  material surfaces were also treated with an anodized finish, a Kynar base paint and one was untreated prior to the Beta coating being applied. The coated surfaces were then sprayed with nondiluted aircraft engine fuel, hydraulic fluid and engine oil. The material sat for 48 hours then wiped clean. One sample was subjected to an abrasive rub before the fuel, fluid and oil were applied.

Results: It was observed that the samples coated with the Beta product had less color variation and were easier to clean than the noncoated samples. It was also noted that residual oils were not present on the treated samples. On the samples used for the abrasive test, the samples did appear slightly darker than the other coated samples but were easier to clean than the untreated samples. The untreated samples in all cases were darker in color and difficult to clean


2. ASTM G-53-84, Accelerated Weathering: Two samples each of metallic coated glass and silicon setting blocks were coated with the Beta product. One sample of each was then exposed to light and condensation conditions using a Model DMC-R Atlas Weatherometer for various times and temperatures over one week, or a total of 168 hours in the Weatherometer.

Results: Neither sample showed any variation from the coated non-tested samples.

3. ASTM B-118, Salt Spray Test: Two samples of an aluminum extrusion were coated with two coats of Beta product and two samples were coated with three coats of Beta product. One sample was left uncoated. All samples were tested for 96 hours using a 5% by weight concentration of salt spray at 95 degrees F.

Results: The Beta coated samples showed no visual effects and wiped clean after a clean water rinse. The uncoated sample had an accumulation of discoloration at the edge of the extrusion.

4. ASTM G-7, Atmospheric and Environmental Exposure: Two samples each of granite, limestone and reflective glass were coated with two coats of Beta product. One set of samples was set at a 45-degree angle to the ground and left exposed to the Southern California environment for 2376 hours from November through February. The other set of samples were set at a 90 degree angle to the ground and exposed to the same conditions and were further exposed to water, wind and a splattering of oil every 15 minutes for a total test time of 1488 hours from November through January. Uncoated samples were also exposed to the same conditions.

Results: All samples coated with the Beta product showed no change in appearance and were easy to clean. The uncoated glass sample had no change in color but was difficult to clean. The uncoated granite and limestone had discoloration at the edges and were very difficult to clean. The limestone could not be totally cleaned. 

B. Transit : After six years, Long Beach Transit coach windows corroded severely and required replacement. Available sealing coatings were tested. The TekonUS products were applied to LBT glass and polycarbonate (PC) bus windows and subjected to 4 months of normal weather and driving conditions. Each month the windows were evaluated and cleaned. The test using the TekonUS products was compared with other tested solutions such as, waxing and washing with various other cleaning solutions.

Results: Other solutions simply did not work. Water spotting returns within hours or days. One solution lasted for about two weeks before the spots returned on the glass and could not be cleaned sufficiently to prevent the quick return of water spots. PC windows could not be restored.

TekonUS restored both glass and PC windows and treated with TekonUS and remained clear; after 4 months light water spots were removed with simple wiping. TekonUS is now restoring, sealing and the entire LBT bus fleet with the Gamma/Alpha treatment. LBT maintains its coach windows spotless with the TekonUS Beta/Zeta System. Cost of replacement and rider complaints have been eliminated. City now takes pride in its showcase transit coaches; visitors are impressed and rider surveys are very positive.

Omnitrans, San Bernadino is also using the TekonUS system. Three years ago, thirty coaches were treated with an early formulation of TekonUS. Without maintenance, the windows remained free of corrosion while untreated windows permanently spotted. The fleet is now being restored, and treated with the TekonUS system for spot free performance.

C. Mirrors : The leading manufacturer of mirrored bath cabinets tested three best candidates for sealing against black spotting using ASTM humidity and salt spray protocol.

Results: No.3 had large black blotch in the center and black edges. No. 2 had spots throughout as well as edges. No.1 (TekonUS) was spotless. It appears that the ultra-hydrophobic surface forms large beads that cannot penetrate the exposed silver along the edge or pinpointed leaks in the backing. Whether it is salt, “hard”, base or acidic water doesn't matter because it remains isolated from the surface. TekonUS Alpha also transforms glass surface chemically, blocking access to oxygen, and thereby excluding hydrolysis.

D.   Shower Doors : The leading manufacturer of bath enclosures life tested TekonUS. On one of the doors, we coated the anodized aluminum fame, vinyl seal and glass. The other door remained uncoated. For six weeks the FRP enclosure and doors were blasted with steam generated cycles to simulate 6.3 years of use.

Results: The uncoated glass was permanently stained with stage 1 corrosion. The anodized aluminum was corroded with pits. The vinyl was faded, requiring acid cleaning. The TekonUS door was as good as new after only wiping with a cotton cloth. Glass was spotless; aluminum was spotless; vinyl was spotless. They have provided a written report and are preparing to coat all shower doors with TekonUS.

Monday, 31 December 2007

  Products Guide for protective treatment applications:

Glass Windows; Shower Door Glass (some corrosion and lime deposits); Mirrors

1.  Glass Luster (Not for mirrors)
2.  Empowered Daily
3.  Tekon B
4.  Repellant Wash (Not for floors)
One 3M Scotch brite pad
Two Tek pad applicators
Three Tek cloths
Above products provide coverage for more than one bath.

TekonTM Easy Clean ForeverTM kit for one bath available
Bath Kit


Maintain a "Better than New"™ appearance with frequent use of ONLY Repellant Wash.  Just spray and wipe with a Tek Cloth - Nothing could be easier! Daily hygienic clean ups are just as easy with Empowered Daily.
Use of nitrile gloves is always recommended (see accessories)

Porcelain: Bath tubs, toilet bowls, bidets, sinks
                   Manufactured Stone


1. Stone Cleaner
2. Empowered Daily
3. Tekon B
4. Repellant Wash
Accessories                                                              One 3M Scotch brite pad
Three Tek pads
Three Tek Cloths
Above products provide coverage for more than one bath.

TekonTM Easy Clean ForeverTM kit for one bath available
Bath Kit


Treat porcelain only twice a year.  Maintain a "Better than New"™ appearance with frequent use of ONLY Repellant Wash.  Just spray and wipe with a Tek Cloth - Nothing could be easier! Daily Hygienic clean-ups are just as easy with Empowered Daily.
Using Nitrile gloves is always recommended (see accessories).

Granite, Marble, Travertine: Inspect before treating.  If scratched, stained or damaged consult a stone restoration company.


1. Stone Cleaner.
2. Empowered Daily.
3. Stone Sealer A
4. Tekon B. (Not for floors)
5. Tek Luster. (Not for floors)
6. Empowered Weekly (Not for floors)


Three Tek pad applicators
Four Tek cloths.

TekonTM Easy Clean ForeverTM kits available

Kitchen Kit
Countertop Kit
Stainless Steel Kit


Maintain a "Better than New"™ appearance with periodic use of ONLY Empowered Weekly. Just spray and wipe with a Tek Cloth - Nothing could be easier!  Daily hygienic clean-ups are just as easy with Empowered Daily.
Use of nitrile gloves is always recommended (see accessories)
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 29 January 2008 )
Monday, 31 December 2007
Tekon'sTM "Mighty Trio" for general cleaning, maintenance and rejuvenation of TekonTM protective treated surfaces.  These products also work great on non Tekon treated hard surfaces.  This trio is all you'll need to maintain your household in a "Better than New"™ condition after treating your surfaces with Tekon'sTM system.  The "Mighty Trio" are water based, environmentally friendly, Non-Toxic, and pet friendly.  Go GREEN with Tekon'sTM  "Mighty Trio"!

Repellant Wash:
Always use with a Tek cloth.
This "magical" all purpose GREEN cleaner/polisher, rejuvenator makes TekonTM protective treated glass, mirror, metal and stone surfaces "Better than New"™. It is also great to clean and polish all non treated hard washable surfaces as well (Not for floors).

Empowered Daily:
Always use with a Tek cloth.
Empowered Daily is a GREEN daily use cleaner, without polish that removes bacteria and viruses with a Tek cloth (microfiber cloth).  Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA.  Safe for any hard washable surface.  No rinsing or scouring necessary. Non-Toxic, water-based, and contains no chemicals. Excellent for food prep areas - free from artificial scents and pet friendly.

Empowered Weekly:
Always use with a Tek cloth.
Empowered Weekly is a GREEN cleaner/polisher that cleans to a shine for quick cleaning, polishing of TekonTM treated and other washable stone surfaces. It is also great for cleaning and polishing non TekonTM treated washable stone surfaces.  Not recommended for glass surfaces (Not for floors)


Glass Care

Tekon™ Perfects Glass  
Monday, 10 December 2007

ImageTekon™ advanced technology opens a new chapter in the maintenance cost, visibility, appearance and life of architectural glass products. Tekon B is a blend of multi nano size polymers that is designed to alter the properties of glass and similar non-porous surfaces in such a way as to cause water to be repelled.  Tekon B also reduces the adhesion and build up on glass and non-porous surfaces of materials such as dust, salt and other environmental substances.  Consumers use Tekon B as a safe environmentally friendly protective treament that prevents hardwater, soap and other stains from adhering to the surface.  Dirt rinses away leaving the glass sprakling clear and streak-less.  Cleaning becomes far less frequent, much easier and without the need of "harsh chemical cleaners" of any kind.

Maintenance costs are typically reduced 50% and occupants enjoy clearer visibility between washing. No acid, no harsh chemical detergents...ever...eliminates run-off pollution. Glass is left with a lustrous long lasting protection and a "Better than New"TM appearance with frequent cleaning/polishing with Tekon'sTM Repellant Wash.

Tekon'sTM Protective treatment leaves glass water repellant and dust repellant. Mirrors just stay dust free.

Last Updated ( Monday, 28 January 2008 )
Super Hydro-phobic repels it all!  
Tuesday, 04 December 2007

ImageTekonTM protective treatment forms a permanent protective barrier to prevent anything...anything from sticking to the treated surface. Under a microscope, new glass is seen to be very rough and porous. Contaminants, oil, hard water deposits, finger prints, even dust cling to the surface. Water spotting can become permanently part of the glass. Prolonged moisture reacts with oxygen and leaches out minerals forming lime deposits while decomposing the structure of the surface. Acid cleaning accelerates this decomposition. Tekon A and  Tekon B transform glass at the molecular level creating a highly hydrophobic smoother surface that is slick, impervious to moisture, thereby blocking corrosion and permanent spots.

Tekon Repels



Hard water deposits

Finger prints


and lots more!

Last Updated ( Thursday, 24 January 2008 )
Tekon™ Protects Mirrors  
Saturday, 01 December 2007
Image TekonTM protective treatment on mirrors creates a long lasting brilliant anti-static surface. Dust that used to be attracted to glass, is now repelled from the surface. Weeks can go by without having to clean mirrors beyond reach. The TekonTM protected mirrors are easily cleaned with a few sprays of Repellant Wash and a Tek Cloth; quick dry wipe makes it sparkle. No need for ammonia based cleaners that leave a haze. Cleaning with TekonTM Repellant Wash replenishes the TekonTM ProtectiveTreatment.
Last Updated ( Monday, 28 January 2008 )
Stone Care
Tekon™ Stone Cleaners are pH neutral  
Saturday, 10 November 2007

TekonTM Stone Cleaner is a pH neutral water-based formulation to safely and effectively clean stone. It removes dirt, grease, food and scuffmarks while conditioning stone surfaces. When used regularly, it will enhance the natural beauty of the stone rendering it clean and silky smooth. It is gentle enough to use everyday. It cleans and conditions surfaces including: Grout, granite, marble, limestone, travertine, slate, tile, saltillo, quarry tile and concrete.

Stone Cleaner prepares the surface for Tekon'sTM protective sealing system on porous treated surfaces.


Last Updated ( Monday, 28 January 2008 )
Tekon™ Stone Cleaners  
Saturday, 03 November 2007
TekonTM Stone Cleaner for Natural Stone provides several important benefits to treated surfaces, including:
  • Cleans Masonry Surfaces
  • True Nanotechnology Cleaner
  • Repels Dirt and Stains
  • A “GREEN” Technology Product
  • Stays Cleaner Longer
  • Retains New Look Permanently



What is a TEK Home?  
Friday, 07 December 2007
Image A TEK Home is a residence that always looks "Better Than New"TM, is easy to maintain using environmentally responsible products. It is a home that has it's architectural surfaces such as glass,stone, metal, porcelain, tile, fiberglass and painted surfaces treated with TekonTM products. TekonTM products keep surfaces new and shining by repelling water, dust and environmental contaminants that cause corrosion,oxidation and staining. Maintenance is reduced by 50% and use of harmful chemicals is avoided altogether.
Last Updated ( Monday, 28 January 2008 )
Kitchen Care
TEK Homes Shine Throughout!  
Friday, 07 December 2007
Image Glass windows, Mirrors, Tables and Doors shine "Better Than New"TM. TekonTM bonds to the surface of glass providing a diamond-like coating that resists scratching and repels water, dust and oil.

Glass stays cleaner and brighter than new. Even spotted, stained and damaged glass can be restored to "Better Than New"TM condition. With minimal maintenance using TekonTM Repellant Wash, glass will be clear and lusterous.
Safety Info

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