Where to buy

Question: Where can I purchase a particular product that you carry?
Answer: Our products can be purchased directly through our dealers or by calling us at 718-477-6500 to place an order over the phone with one of our sales representatives.

Question: Do you have dealers' or showrooms in our area?
Answer: Acquinox has rapidly been increasing throughout the world. Our current dealers' info can be found on every page of our website. We are manufacturers of our products who sell directly to the consumer and do not have showrooms in every state, but you can check our COME SEE US page for Home Show listings on where Acquinox will be showing their products next.


Question: What methods of payment do you accept?
Answer: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, check/money orders, for International orders we only accept wire transfers.


Question: Do your products come with a Warranty?
Answer: Yes. Acquinox warranties all products for 1year on parts only. You can also purchase an extended warranty for 3 additional years. Please ask our customer service representative when placing your order for more details.

Question: Do you have Installation Manuals you can send me?
Answer: Yes. Product manuals are shipped with your product. If you need assistance with Installation or would like a manual on a particular unit before purchasing, please contact our technical support department at technicalsupport@acquinox.com and include the model number of interest and we will gladly forward the requested information.

Question: What is the warranty on Glass Maintenance Products?
Answer: To ensure your satisfaction with TEKON, we offer the following Lifetime Limited Warranties to the current and transferable to future homeowner for the life of the home:

TEKON is guaranteed not to flake, discolor or cause damage to the surface treated.

The protective sealing properties can be maintained permanently with normal wet and dry microcloth cleaning and as needed use of TEKON After-Care products.

Steam Showers/Shower Enclosures

Question: What Preparations must be made before installing a Shower Enclosure of Steam Shower?
Answer: Please see our water and electrical diagrams before installing a steam shower or see the Specs before installing a Shower Enclosure. We recommend that you have your unit delivered before beginning any preparations or making changes to your plumbing or electric.

Question: Hi, I would like to install a Steam Shower myself, but I'm not sure of the electrical requirements. Any advice would be helpful.
Answer: We recommend that your electrical services be installed by a qualified electrician. Installing yourself might void your warranty as well as damage your unit if not done correctly. So seek a qualified person for the job. Please refer to the product description for voltage and amperage requirements for more details.

Question: Can Acquinox™ Steam Showers be built-in into my space?
Answer: No. Acquinoxsteam showers are modular units. They have been designed to be free standing units with easy access to the control box, generator etc in the event you need to service your unit. We do not recommend building in the units as you will not be able to access the back of the units for servicing is ever needed.

Question: What is Chromotherapy?
Answer: CHROMOTHERAPY, sometimes called color therapy, light therapy or colorology, is based on the premise that certain colors having different wave lengths trigger metabolic changes in the human body. Thus by using different colors of the spectrum one can trigger changes towards better health and overall well being. It is a known fact that the human body needs light for certain metabolic functions such as absorption of certain vitamins. Our CHROMOTHERAPY lights sit in your bath and cycle gently through the spectrum of colors in order to provide an all round therapeutic effect. Benefits: Each of the seven colors of the spectrum is associated with specific healing properties.

Whirlpool Massage Tubs

Question: Hi, I would like to install a Tub myself, but I'm not sure of the electrical requirements. Any advice would be helpful.
Answer: We recommend that your electrical services be installed by a qualified electrician. Installing yourself might void your warranty as well as damage your unit if not done correctly. So seek a qualified person for the job. Please refer to the product description for voltage and amperage requirements for more details.

Question: Can I use bubble bath in my whirlpool?
Answer: Yes, bubble bath can be used in your whirlpool bath. You must be careful when using bubble bath as the movement of the water in a whirlpool will cause a large amount of bubbles. If bubble bath is used it is important to follow our cleaning instructions found in the owners manual for your bath.

Question: What bath supplements can be used in Acquinox Whirlpool Massage Tubs?
Answer: All water based tablets or liquids which do not contain effervescent or oils are suitable

Question: What are the advantages of a skirt on Acquinox Whirlpool Tubs?
Answer: Acquinox Whirlpool Massage Tubs come with a removable skirt which makes it possible for quick access to the whirlpool technology in case of maintenance. The skirts can be easily removed and re-applied without tools, so that all equipment is freely accessible. A perfect solution all around.

Question: Will the in-line heater heat up my Whirlpool?
Answer: The purpose of the in-line heater is to maintain the water temperature that is put into the bath. If 100 degree water is put into the bath the heater will maintain that temperature as long as the whirlpool's pump is running. The heater will not heat cold water.

Question: How do I maintain and keep my product clean?
Answer: Daily Maintenance Do not clean the surface of plate with corrosive detergent; clean ordinary stains with pint dilute, turpentine, alcohol and toothpaste. If the surface is scratched, please grind it with dry or wet 1500# sand paper, then apply meguiar 10# mirror glaze special compound, if it can’t recover the gloss, polish the surface chemicals and apply polishing wax. Please put cold water before hot water into the bathtub. Thoroughly clean the acrylic surface after taking bath, preventing detergent flowing into circulation system. Do not directly spray water onto interior lamp and computerized panel. After using the product, please cut off power supply for preventing damaging the computerized system, maintain the sauna room after cut off power supply, check the leakage switch by certified electrician every half a year, and assure safe protection.


Question: What is the difference between Single flush or Dual flush Toilets?
Answer: Acquinox dual flush toilets will save you over 6,000 gallons of water per year for a family of 4. The Dual Flush system gives you the best of both worlds: The Low Flush uses less than 8/10s of a gallon of water while the Normal Single Flush uses 1.58 gallons ? still within conservation limits.

Glass Maintenance

Question: What can TEKON products treat?
Answer: TEKON bonds and seals to almost all hard surfaces such as:

TEKON treatment keeps Acquinox products cleaner and brighter by repelling water, dust and environmental contaminants that cause corrosion, oxidation and staining. Maintenance is greatly reduced and harmful chemicals are avoided altogether.

Question: How to apply TEKON ?
Answer: The TEKON coating system includes a family of clear liquids that interact with the molecular structure of a full range of materials. Glass, metal , and stone vary in protocol, but all are simply wiped on and wiped off. Automated in-line stations can be engineered for specific high volume applications. Manual methods are adapted universally.

The final wash station uses TEKON materials to clean and seal. A clear liquid is then applied on the glass and vinyl. And, then the next station wipes it off.

TEKON can then be applied to large surfaces with a micro-fiber pad and wiped off with a dry pad.

Question: Why do TEKON products work so well on glass, ceramics and metals ?
Answer: TEKON coatings are very thin - typically 0.001". TEKON coatings are also derived from silicate chemistry and derive their useful properties from the ability to chemically react with glass, ceramics and metals to form durable coatings.

TEKON coatings are too thin to contain any significant amount of a bacteriocidal additive. The need is for a bacteriocide that is (a) effective in thin coatings, (b) non-fugitive, (c) washable,(d) transparent / colorless, and (e) replenishable, and (f) have surface antimicrobial activity.

So far, one compound has been identified that is effective as an additive in TEKON coatings. This compound is a commercially available compound in the class of quarternary ammonium salts. It also contains the silicate chemistry required to react in with the TEKON coatings to impart permanence.

Question: Where can these ?Miracle" Micro fiber Cleaning Cloths be used?
Answer: Use in the Kitchen, Bathroom - in every room!
Use on Floors, Walls, Countertops, Appliances
Easily wash windows with just water - no streaking, no paper towels!

Use on all TekonUS treated surfaces - one wipe does it!

Question: Can it be used over and over?
Answer: Micro fiber can be washed up to 300 times and still maintain its effectiveness! This makes them extremely cost effective. Just wash in mild soapy water, rinse out and hang to dry or they can be placed in a dryer. When washed in the washing machine do not use fabric softener or bleach or dryer sheets. Do not iron.

Question: What is Micro fiber?
Answer: Micro fiber is a revolutionary thread, comprised of wedge-shaped polyester filaments and a core of nylon. Made of both oil-attracting and water-attracting polymers, the fibers are woven into masses of tiny "hooks & loops." The sharp edges of these millions of "hooks & loops" cut through dried-in stains, attracting and absorbing dirt and micro particles.

Question: How does it work?

The difference between natural fiber and micro fiber is microscopic. Fibers in natural materials such as cotton or wool have rounded edges and their density is low because natural fibers are relatively thick . This results in dirt and grime just being pushed along the surface, and not removed, leaving streaks and smears behind

The fiber's wedge shaped filaments follow surfaces, lift up dirt, trap particles inside the fiber, and eliminate the need for harmful cleansers. The capillary effect between the filaments and nylon core creates a high absorbency, which in turn enables the cloth to clean and polish at the same time. Only water is needed as a detergent to clean any type of surface. Tests reveal that just one swipe of a micro fiber cloth eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria without chemicals and also prevents spreading of bacteria onto other surfaces

The difference between natural fiber and micro fiber is microscopic. Fibers in natural materials such as cotton or wool have rounded edges and their density is low because natural fibers are relatively thick . This results in dirt and grime just being pushed along the surface, and not removed, leaving streaks and smears behind.

TekonUS Micro fiber is superior in quality.

The composition of our revolutionary Micro fiber cloth is a blend of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide split into microscopic wedge shaped micro filaments . Micro fiber is 100 times thinner than a human hair, 10 times finer than silk , yet incredibly durable.

The improved technology of our Micro fiber makes it possible to put more fibers per square inch ? over 90,000 fiber per inch. More fiber means increased cleaning power and absorbency, and a more luxuriously soft texture, resulting in the most effective and desirable cleaning method imaginable

Test Results

A. Smith-Emery Company: The TekonUS Beta product was tested by the Curtain Wall Laboratory of Smith-Emery Company, a full service independent test laboratory with offices in Los Angeles , San Francisco and Anaheim , to several test standards, including ASTM, as follows:

1. Surface Protection Characteristics : Aluminum and titanium sheet materials were coated with three applications of the Beta product and allowed to set for 12 hours. The sheet  material surfaces were also treated with an anodized finish, a Kynar base paint and one was untreated prior to the Beta coating being applied. The coated surfaces were then sprayed with nondiluted aircraft engine fuel, hydraulic fluid and engine oil. The material sat for 48 hours then wiped clean. One sample was subjected to an abrasive rub before the fuel, fluid and oil were applied.

Results: It was observed that the samples coated with the Beta product had less color variation and were easier to clean than the noncoated samples. It was also noted that residual oils were not present on the treated samples. On the samples used for the abrasive test, the samples did appear slightly darker than the other coated samples but were easier to clean than the untreated samples. The untreated samples in all cases were darker in color and difficult to clean


2. ASTM G-53-84, Accelerated Weathering: Two samples each of metallic coated glass and silicon setting blocks were coated with the Beta product. One sample of each was then exposed to light and condensation conditions using a Model DMC-R Atlas Weatherometer for various times and temperatures over one week, or a total of 168 hours in the Weatherometer.

Results: Neither sample showed any variation from the coated non-tested samples.

3. ASTM B-118, Salt Spray Test: Two samples of an aluminum extrusion were coated with two coats of Beta product and two samples were coated with three coats of Beta product. One sample was left uncoated. All samples were tested for 96 hours using a 5% by weight concentration of salt spray at 95 degrees F.

Results: The Beta coated samples showed no visual effects and wiped clean after a clean water rinse. The uncoated sample had an accumulation of discoloration at the edge of the extrusion.

4. ASTM G-7, Atmospheric and Environmental Exposure: Two samples each of granite, limestone and reflective glass were coated with two coats of Beta product. One set of samples was set at a 45-degree angle to the ground and left exposed to the Southern California environment for 2376 hours from November through February. The other set of samples were set at a 90 degree angle to the ground and exposed to the same conditions and were further exposed to water, wind and a splattering of oil every 15 minutes for a total test time of 1488 hours from November through January. Uncoated samples were also exposed to the same conditions.

Results: All samples coated with the Beta product showed no change in appearance and were easy to clean. The uncoated glass sample had no change in color but was difficult to clean. The uncoated granite and limestone had discoloration at the edges and were very difficult to clean. The limestone could not be totally cleaned. 

B. Transit : After six years, Long Beach Transit coach windows corroded severely and required replacement. Available sealing coatings were tested. The TekonUS products were applied to LBT glass and polycarbonate (PC) bus windows and subjected to 4 months of normal weather and driving conditions. Each month the windows were evaluated and cleaned. The test using the TekonUS products was compared with other tested solutions such as, waxing and washing with various other cleaning solutions.

Results: Other solutions simply did not work. Water spotting returns within hours or days. One solution lasted for about two weeks before the spots returned on the glass and could not be cleaned sufficiently to prevent the quick return of water spots. PC windows could not be restored.


TekonUS restored both glass and PC windows and treated with TekonUS and remained clear; after 4 months light water spots were removed with simple wiping. TekonUS is now restoring, sealing and the entire LBT bus fleet with the Gamma/Alpha treatment. LBT maintains its coach windows spotless with the TekonUS Beta/Zeta System. Cost of replacement and rider complaints have been eliminated. City now takes pride in its showcase transit coaches; visitors are impressed and rider surveys are very positive.

Omnitrans, San Bernadino is also using the TekonUS system. Three years ago, thirty coaches were treated with an early formulation of TekonUS. Without maintenance, the windows remained free of corrosion while untreated windows permanently spotted. The fleet is now being restored, and treated with the TekonUS system for spot free performance.

C. Mirrors : The leading manufacturer of mirrored bath cabinets tested three best candidates for sealing against black spotting using ASTM humidity and salt spray protocol.

Results: No.3 had large black blotch in the center and black edges. No. 2 had spots throughout as well as edges. No.1 (TekonUS) was spotless. It appears that the ultra-hydrophobic surface forms large beads that cannot penetrate the exposed silver along the edge or pinpointed leaks in the backing. Whether it is salt, “hard”, base or acidic water doesn't matter because it remains isolated from the surface. TekonUS Alpha also transforms glass surface chemically, blocking access to oxygen, and thereby excluding hydrolysis.


D.   Shower Doors : The leading manufacturer of bath enclosures life tested TekonUS. On one of the doors, we coated the anodized aluminum fame, vinyl seal and glass. The other door remained uncoated. For six weeks the FRP enclosure and doors were blasted with steam generated cycles to simulate 6.3 years of use.

Results: The uncoated glass was permanently stained with stage 1 corrosion. The anodized aluminum was corroded with pits. The vinyl was faded, requiring acid cleaning. The TekonUS door was as good as new after only wiping with a cotton cloth. Glass was spotless; aluminum was spotless; vinyl was spotless. They have provided a written report and are preparing to coat all shower doors with TekonUS.

Question: How does Tekon™ Work?
Answer: Tekon™ cleans and fills the microscopic crevices of glass, metal, stainless steel or stone surfaces with a long lasting hydrophobic and anti-static coating that repels water and dust. Tekon™ creates a covalent bond and fills the voids with multi nano size polymers that bond to the surface making it super hydrophobic. This leaves surfaces easy to clean, water repellant, dust-repellant and hygienic. After applying Tekon'sTM protective Easy Clean Forever™ System all that is required is periodic cleaning with Tekon's™ Repellant Wash to maintain surfaces in a "Better Than New"™ condition. Save Money! Eliminate all your harsh chemicals by going GREEN with Tekon's™ American Standardized Testing Methods (ASTM) tested products. Reduce Maintenance by at least 50 percent!

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